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And Also The Trees

Shaletown: Lyrics

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       And Also The Trees


The boy walks round
The Jagged rocks
Caught between ideals and desires
He shrinks into oblivion
There was silence as he sat so still
Averted Face stares at the floor.

So This Is Silence

Listen the sound of Laughter
The Frenzy and Blind Violence of Fear
Listen the sound of Laughter
The Frenzy and Blind Violence of Fear

Alone again with light and silence
Alone again with the skies

So This Is Silence
So This Is Silence
Gun Shots
Idiot cries
Girl laughs
Fox Barks
Gun Shots...Silence...

Talk Without Words

We look up, silently,
Without quiet music.
My face four days old,
Your look new born,
There's fear in your frown like mine,
Not a distance away.
Noticing a hand half round my head,
And on my face,
Protecting me.

Afraid of your frown, don't change,
For me expressions,
A button undone,
The Earth that's on my back,
And in my hair,
Portraying me.

You're so clean untouched,
Like me, experience possessed,
She breathes so tense,
Flexes her hand,
Don't relax,
Projecting me.

Midnight Garden

I see it fall, I watch it fall, I let it lie
No anguish just the happiness shows, on the brow.
Look from these hidden angles,
an unknown language prowls.

I dissapear I reappear, I cannot hide
Standing in this broken view, where you surround.
Dripping from the silence,
The tears of an embrace.
These moments I don't understand, have side effects.

I slide, I kick, I turn around, I cannot rest.
The cold of yesterday has warmed, and now I wait.
Above swans fly through winter, I kiss upon her face.
But still I feel these climbing plants,
that slide and shake.

The Tease The Tear

Your Features,
Looking so happy inside,
Don't let them see down,
Through the floors.
Ignores the questionaires and smiles,
Plays Ignorant to words today.
The blind could not ignore your smiles.
Here in your features anger talks,
Jagged, Haggard they talk,
Screaming still.

In sorrow features never hide,
To sorrow features cannot hide,
Jagged, haggard they talk.
And then my fears behind venetian blinds,
Venetian blinds.
The tease the tear.
The tease the tear.

Ever face, the words too deep to speak
And then my fear behind venetian blinds,
Appear hidden in reflections
Speaking nothing, abusing my ears
The wailing sirens in your eyes
Within your features anger boils.
Alarm, aware they talk.
The tease the tear.
Alarm, aware they talk
The tease the tear.
The tease the tear.

Impulse of Man

True or False, The Life of Man.
Beneath her dress, so soft so thin.
Not wicked thoughts, explains he shakes.
For Gods sake hold the key.
Locks in this agony.

Your arms are positioned, but they are not nailed
You look for the pacifist, but he went, he's lost in the maze.
These winds are cold, and its walls will press his face...

True or False, Impluse of Man.
Hits his girl, she swirls across the floor
And as she falls, bites out his tongue
Black strips on the birch
Mans eyes bulge and burst.

He shouts 'pacifist Help' but he cannot hear,
He's lost in the maze. The rock cuts his back.
And the wind will press his his face...

True or False, Impulse of Man
Erase the face from smile to scream
Must keep his hands inside his head
Tear lines in her clothes
Bruised hands hold the rose

So now you must wait for the honey to come
to your throat. Your arms are splinters, but they
will scrape the disease from his his face...



Material folds
From rough, modest clothes
slabs of cold sacred stone
The peasant girl kneels.

The peasant girl kneels
In strips of feeble watered light
slim fingers clasped
warm steady, precise
The unwanted love for a murderer
In strips of feeble watered light.

Echoed sighs
soft madonna eyes
Bathe in smooth, flicked flame.
The peasant girl kneels.

The peasant girl kneels
crosses herself slowly
The warmth envelopes; seals
But stays as quietly she leaves

To love a murderer.
To love a murderer.

Twilights Pool

Transparent babies, we walk like men
Across the marshes and back again
We seek a different view
A world that's fresh and new

We wait together at twilights pause
Bodies dance forever, the cool dark pool
she craves to swallow you...
Fill your lungs,
with fluid rare as morning dew
she craves to swallow you...

Transparent babies, we walk like men
Across the marshes and back again
We seek a different view
From each hill
We drip the morning dew
A world that's fresh and new
she craves to swallow you...

Our reflected bodies rise
and walk like the new born
On ploughed earth waves
she craves...
Fill your lungs
Fluid pure as morning dew.

Out of The Moving Life of Circles

I could be the money
Scattered in the ash,
You could be the Jewellery
in the Silver box
in this heaven of mine...

I won't come back.

Watch the candle burning;
Watch the candle drip.
This heaven of mine.

I won't come back.
I won't come back.


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Shaletown - dancing through the dead trees by InÚs Luque is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.

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