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And Also The Trees

Shaletown: Articles - 1988

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Interview from German Radio, Hamburg , may 19th, 1988.

 In the studio, I welcome Simon Huw Jones, the singer of And Also The Trees. Welcome Simon.

S: Hello.

 How did it all start?

S: Ooh, eh...

 As early as possible. 
S: (laughs) As early as possible... Oh well, we were four boys, living in a very small village in England, and we were friends and loved music, so we thought it a good idea to eh... well, we were very impressed with punk, but, punk in the countryside, that didnīt ring true somehow. So... eh, we formed our own style.
 (translates his answer into German) Worcestershire, where you come from, the countryside, does it give you a lot of inspiration?
S: Yes... eh.. a great deal, because where we live, itīs surrounded with legends and mysteries and old stories, but... I can feel it as well, it seems that I can feel... and others people can feel some kind of force, coming from the past, and from the ground, from the soil.
(translates his answer into German) Your music is very thoughtful, melancholic in a way. Donīt you have.. Have you lost the believing in the force, and the steamy beads (?) and the noise?
S: No, there is... Thereīs a part of our lives that is not so melancholic, but as far as our music is concerned, it ehm.. we draw our inspiration from what is around us most of the time, which is the scenery, and the watching... Thereīs so much time to watch the seasons changing  and this, this slow life.
 (translates into German) (Then goes on in German): Robert Smith is the singer of The Cure, and he actually stated And Also The Trees as his favourite band. And Also The Trees has been their support act twice, on two tours. (Next question is in English): How did it come that you worked together with Robert Smith.
S: Well, back in 1980 or whatever it was, we saw an advertisement and they wanted a support groupe. They said: "send tapes", so we sent a cassette. And they listened to it and liked it, and said:"Come and tour with us."
 Very easy, uh...
S: Surprisingly, yeah....
(translates into German.)
At this point "Simple Tom and the Ghost of Jenny Bailey" is played.
 Simon, how was it working together with The Cure?
S: That was fine, but.. it was a long time ago... We donīt see them anymore.
 What happened?
S: They... changed, and we changed. They got very famous... (laughs), and we didnīt.
 (both are laughing): (translates into German) Before I say goodbye... Needle Street seems to be a very sad title. I have an association when I hear that, thatīs not very nice. What does it mean?
S: Ehm.. The town where we come from is the main manufacturer of needles. It isnīt supposed to be unpleasant.
 (translates into German) Oh, OK. Simon, thank you very much for being here.

S: Thank you.

 Have a pleasant evening in ...(?) and in Hamburg.

S: Yeah.


S: Goodbye.

Taken from:
D.Pittman's site


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