And Also The Trees

"Dancing through the dead trees"

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"January blowing through Velvet Street
Down the lonely valleys to the lake"

  * About *

         This site was originally intended to the people who are just getting to know And also the trees and the non english speaking fans. This would be a way to promote and show their music and  thoughts, because, unfortunately, just a few people  know about them here. Then , thanks to Achim, I changed my mind and I decided it was better  to do it in english as well, so that more people could understand...
       My name is Inés , I am from Valparaíso, Chile.  Surely you know  this place is so  far way  from England ( and the rest of the world)  you can imagine it hasn't  been easy for me to be an AATT fan, since their records obviously hasn´t been released here, so I had to  import them from Germany. This is the story of the day when I  "discovered" And also the trees at last...

It was a lonely evening when I accidentally heard some AATT songs. They were called  "So this is silence" and  "The tease the tear" . I have heard about them many years ago, but I never had the opportunity  to get anything on them.        
     That evening, I fell in love with  their music, and my love grew stronger as I listened to their records and read their lyrics. "Virus Meadows" was the first album I listened to , and then "Angelfish"; two very different albums , but still the same essence. Then came ,"The Millpond Years", my favourite album, with all the usual characters that dwell in the oniric realm of And also the trees; and "Farewell to the shade" with all its romanticism ... I used to imagine myself in the english countryside, where fields are green, the paths are silent and narrow, cloudy and rainy villages and the cold wind freezing the trees.

        Most of their songs  are exciting and moving, and they still send shivers down my spine everytime  I listen to them... I sincerely hope that other people "discover" AATT as I once did, and realise that being an AATT fan is to be in love forever, I still am...
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Thanks to:  Georgie Birdie for his moral support, Cielbleu (Masami), Achim and Ebinogene (Waiman).


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