And Also The Trees

"Dancing through the dead trees "

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"In the pallid night / With no stars to guide
The trades of hope/ Raged in my mind."

GLASS: she rides the waves...


The Bark and The Bite, 1985

Ghouls just want to have fun (Melody Maker , march 1985 )

Abstract Magazine 1985

Interview from German Radio, Hamburg, may 19th 1988

Interview of Simon Huw Jones, Genève covleur 3, Nov. 23 1988

Green is the sea, and also the trees 1990

Interview of Simon Huw Jones, Premonition Magazine, 1991

AATT : Outsiders, 1991.

True Gothic, 1991

Glasnot, 1992

And Also the trees: Four petal clover. ( música marginal, n.6, 1995)

Stylishly living in time of chaos, Entry 1996

Interview of Simon Huw Jones, by Ivor Thiel, 1998.

And Also The Trees,Sideline N 24 , 1998

Children of the night, 1999

MIRROR: I sail the singing silence...


Perro que ladra, muerde 1985

Los espíritus sólo quieren divertirse (melody maker, marzo 1985)

Abstract Magazine, 1985

Entrevista de la Radio Alemana, Hamburgo, 19 de mayo 1988

Entrevista a Simon huw Jones,Genève Covleur 3, 23de noviembre, 1988.

Verde es el mar y también los árboles, 1990

Entrevista a Simon Huw Jones Premonition Magazine, otoño 1991

AATT, extraños- 1991

El Verdadero Gótico, 1991

Glasnot, 1992

And Also the trees: Trébol de cuatro Pétalos(música marginal, n.6, 1995)

Viviendo elegantemente en tiempos de caos, agosto 1996

Entrevista a Simon Huw Jones, por Ivor Thiel, 1998

And Also The Trees , Sideline N. 24, sept oct 98

Hijos de la noche, 1999

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*All the  english-spanish translations made by me ( except "Four Petal clover")
*todas las traducciones Inglés-español hechas por mí ( excepto: "trebol de cuatro petalos")

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