And Also The Trees

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 Dancing through the dead trees 

"In sorrow features never hide,
To sorrow features cannot hide.."

      How could I not surrender to the charm of the most poetic, creative an unique band from England?. Their songs are like beautiful paintings or strange stories/ poems, the characters: an evil count, a thoughtful prince in his chamber, the ghost of Jenny Bailey, Vincent Craine and the woman impatiently awaiting for him, the virus invading the meadow, a man narrating his imminent shipwreck in a drifting boat with torn sails (which reminds me very much of Edgard Allan Poe's "M.S found in a bottle"), a girl floating in a stream (according to Simon , it´s an allegory for the death of the nature, and it reminds us a lot to "Ophelia by J.E Millais, the preraphaelite painter, one of their influences around this time), mermen and dust sailors, a man with a "wooden leg", the sea itself (sea change), the lights of Phoenix, a lighthouse , Genevieve in velvet streets,etc. All these characters and others seem to become very much real in their songs.

        No matter if their inspiration comes from the countryside, the sea or the urbanization (Like in their last albums),And also the trees will always give us their beautiful music, filled with images, metaphors, sensitiveness and depth. Accompanied by the sometimes delicate and other times powerful justin Jones' guitar, Steven Burrows ' rhythmic bass, Nick Havas' drums (now Paul Hills') and Simon huw Jones' dramatic voice , which couldn´t certainly be missing.



   So, let the mermen sing their silken song to you and submerge into their realm, The Lea , and in "the black lonely fields seas" . It will be a dream which you will never want to wake up from, you can be sure of that...

 This page does not intend to violate any author/owner's rights. It is simply based on giving some information about AATT's musical development through years and in the end , it's just my humble tribute to the band.

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