And Also The Trees

"Dancing through the dead trees"

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"There's maps in her wrists and arms,
And the dust lies like snow around the bed."

Mirrors start to speak


         The history of  And Also The Trees begins in Inkberrow (Worcestershire) in 1979, when two sets of brothers; Simon Jones - Justin Jones; and Nick Havas - Graham Havas formed the group, influenced by the prevailing post-punk ( Joy Division, Siouxsie and the  Banshees,Gang of four, etc) and the place where they lived. They  chose "And Also the trees" as a name for the band, which was  the title of one of their first songs. Some time later, Graham left the band and Steven Burrows took his place in the bass. In 1981 they answered to an ad placed by The Cure, they were looking for support bands to join them in their British tour, AATT were picked and therefore The Cure asked them to join them. Years later And Also the trees were signed by Future Records (later known as Reflex),  and they released "Shantell"  in 1983, followed by their debut self titled album "And Also the trees" (produced by Lol Tolhurst). In 1985  they joined The Cure again in a tour. These constant associations with The Cure slowly did some damage, as people branded the trees as simple plagiarists. " it's a shame that AATT get likened to the Cure all the time because they're as influenced by us, as we are by them." stated Simon in an interview.     


     With the release of the second album "Virus meadow" (1986), the influence of the nature, their village and their environment was much more evident. The lyrics become more poetical, the essence of the Romanticism perfumes their songs, specially in "The Millpond years" (1987) and "Farewell to the shade" (1989), with these three albums they achieved ,at last, their own special and unique sound. In 1992, they released "Green is the sea", which walks in a path very similar to the previous albums, and they  went in a tour to U.S.A for the first time. In 1993 with "The Klaxon", there is a change in their music and influences, they become more urban, Justin's guitar doesn´t sound like a mandolyn anymore, the 50's guitar sound makes its debut, a kind of surf rock or psycho surf , and it's clearly reflected in "Angelfish" (1996) and the following album "Silver soul"(1998).

                   After several years of silence, finally in the year 2003, they release "Further from the truth", a calm elegant album and obviously a relief and gift for all the fans who thought that rumours about the band splitting were true. Until this moment, they have already played in different parts of Europe and have been  in some festivals. A  compilation of their songs between 1980  and 2005 will be released in the European summer to celebrate their 25  years as a band.


Under the frozen static stars

Simon Huw Jones: 
 He's the singer and the one who writes all the beautiful lyrics, recited with his "deep, sensual voice". He's also a
professional photographer and very often uses his photographs for their covers and artwork.
 Justin Jones:
He plays the guitar and he's the responsible for the characteristic "mandolyn guitar sound" that can move anyone to
tears! or excitement ( depending on your mood). When "Angelfish" was released, Justin's guitar sound had evolved into a 50's sound,
which turned out quite interesting!
 Steven Burrows:
 He's the bassist...listen to the magnificent bass line of "Prince Rupert", among others. To sum up: The perfect
 Nick Havas:
He was in charge of the drums, during the 80's and 90's. When he left the band in 1998, Paul Hill took his place



   Original Line Up :                Simon huw jones    :vocals
                                        Justin Jones          :guitars
                                        Nick Havas            :drums
                                        Graham Havas       :bass     
    Former Line Up:              Simon Huw Jones   :vocals
                                        Justin Jones          :guitars and keys
                                        Steven Burrows     :bass and trumpet
                                        Nick Havas            :Drums
     Current Line Up:              Simon Huw Jones    :vocals
                                         Justin Jones           :guitars
                                         Steven Burrows      :bass
                                         Paul  Hill                :drums.
     Guest Musicians  :
 * Mark Tibenham : additional keyboards in " The millpond Years" and  "Farewell to the shade".
 * Will Waghorn:        Trumpet

 * Dale  Hodginson  :  keyboards
 * Emer Brizzolara : Live guest musician , keyboards   
 * Ezza Brown:       Live guest musician, bass.

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